Tips For Losing Weight Before Your Wedding

Reducing weight is something lots of people find difficult and for many different reasons. Many brides to be want to lose a bit of weight before their weddings. Whilst body image is certainly one of the biggest factors, there are also health benefits to losing a bit of excess weight. Not only is the threat of diabetes lowered but other factors such as cholesterol, heart disease and even just feeling heavy are reduced. There are many small changes that you can make that will improve your health and allow you lose weight in healthy way. Steer clear of crash diets, they are known to be hazardous to health and can in fact lead to an increase in weight when you finish them.


What you must remember is that food is fuel. Lots of people stigmatise food and this can lead to unhealthy cravings or bad eating habits. If you look at food as both fuel and repair rather than just as something to eat, it can help you choose in a better way so that you are both fuelling and repairing your body. If you can recognise this, it can help to reduce the emotional hold.

If you do want to lose weight in a short time, do not starve yourself, eat lean meat, fish, wholegrains, lots of vegetables (without the butter though!) and a bit of dairy. Rather than making drastic changes to your diet, swap a few things around, for instance, eat brown rice instead of white, wholemeal or granary bread rather than white and try using sweet potatoes in place of standard ones. Steam your vegetables and try not to overcook them, do not cover them in butter or cheese sauce as this can double or even treble the calorific value. It might seem like common sense, but try to cut down on processed foods, so instead of a fry up or sugary cereal for breakfast, try a bowl of homemade porridge instead. Ready meals should be a no-no because you do not know exactly what is in them. Similarly, takeaways should be avoided because you don’t know what the fat content will be. Do remember though, you are allowed to have a few treats, so if you crave chocolate or a glass of wine, have it but only do it once a week. As with everything in life, moderation is the key.


Another point that should be made is that you should drink lots of water. Try to reduce the amount of tea, coffee and fizzy drinks, replace them with fresh water. It is a fact that many people are in fact clinically dehydrated because they do not drink enough plain water, their fluid intake comes in the form of tea, coffee, fizzy drinks and so on, so they are not getting enough water for good health. Water will flush out the toxins from your cells which will not only make you feel good but it will make you look good too.


Losing weight can seem like a real uphill struggle and some people find it easier to do this within a group. There are many commercial weight loss groups that you can join if this is what you prefer or you can get a group of friends to help and encourage you. Losing weight and then keeping it off is about lifestyle change and again, this does not mean that you have to make massive changes to your life, a few small changes may be all that is necessary. This is something that you can bring to your new life as a wife and you and your husband can enjoy a healthy diet.


SportsExercise is a great way to lose weight but please, do not suddenly reach for your running shoes and head out for a 20k run. If you are not used to exercise, you must gradually build up the levels so that you do not injure yourself. It would be very off putting to undertake a new exercise regime and injure yourself within the first few tries. Walking is a great way of starting out and it is free! 20 minutes per day will really help to improve your fitness and also burn off calories. When you get fitter, you will feel more energised and be more inclined to take exercise. You can take up whatever sort of exercise you like but make sure it is something you actually enjoy doing, it is not meant to be a chore, it should be fun. So if you want to take up dancing rather than running, do it, dancing burns of lots of calories and it is also a lot of fun.


Your wedding day is important and it is right that you should look and more importantly, feel fabulous. Investing a bit of time and effort losing weight and getting yourself fitter before the big day will be worth all that hard work.

What Type Of Banquet Chairs Should I Use For My Wedding?

Making sure our guest feel comfortable is an important part of a successful wedding. When it comes to the biggest event in your life, no detail’s too small to be overlooked. When it

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comes to the right banquet chairs, they’re three very important factors. First of all, you need to decide how much you’re willing to spend. Second, you need to find one that matches your own personal taste. Last, but certainly not least, you need to coordinate it with the rest of the wedding design.


This is a lot easier to do when you have a professional wedding planner. Not everyone can afford a wedding planner and a wedding. When they have to choose between the two, most pick the wedding. You can get by without a wedding planner, you just need to be smart about it.


Is this a casual wedding? The banquet chairs that are right for a casual event might be different for an elaborate one. When having an outdoor wedding, you’re not going to want cushions on the chairs. This is something that will be damaged by the elements outside. Instead, you should go with pure wood. You can paint the wood if you’d like.


Some people who go with wooden chairs don’t paint them. They simple through a cloth over them to make them more formal. Again, this is not something you want to do if you’re having an outdoor wedding. If it rains, the cloth will be soaking wet, and the chair unsuitable.


Once you have a cloth covering the banquet chairs, you should tie a ribbon around the back. This gives it an added look of class. It also helps the chair look like a chair after having a piece of cloth over it. It’ll add shape, while making everything look better.


Banquet chairs can be purchased online. There might be a small problem when it comes to the shipping. It’s possible to ship items that are as big as these, but you’ll need to pay a good sum for shipping. Many people choose to order the chairs they want online, and then go pick them up at the warehouse or base store. This might be the right option for you, furniture shipping can be as expensive as moving. You already have the expense of your wedding, that’s enough to worry about.


You should look at images on Google. There are weddings everyday in America, and it’s quite traditional to take pictures when at these events. Many people share their wedding photo’s on social media, and through other sources. A simple Google search will supply you with pictures so you can really get the right idea when deciding which chairs are best.


In the long run, it will be a lot cheaper if you buy less expensive chairs, and use fabric to make them prettier. Money might not be an issue for you. Maybe you’re willing to take a financial hit to have the perfect wedding? If this is so, you’ll want to find less modest chairs. Go into furniture stores, and other areas. You’ll be paying full price, but you’ll have higher quality chairs that your guest will love.


If you’re interested, you can rent a lot of things for your wedding. We might need a couple hundred chairs now, but won’t after the wedding’s over. When we rent banquet supplies, they’re delivered to the area when you need it and set up is available. Some companies will set up the chairs for free. Pick up’s usually done the next day, but if it’s a weekend, it might take a little longer.

Looking for a way to get banquet chairs for your wedding without actually paying for them? It’s possible. A lot of people get away with this by having a hotel, or church host their wedding reception. When we choose these places, they already have enough chairs for anyone who needs one, and will be more than happy to get them out for you. This is a great idea, but the chairs might not look as formal as they would had you bought them yourself. Remember, you can do a lot to decorate an informal chair. I know you’ll find a way to make your wedding look great, with whatever resources you can come up with.


Don’t wait until the last minute to think about these things. Some chair deliveries can take weeks. What if the chairs you want are in another country? The shipping won’t be that easy, and it’ll be expensive. You’ll want to be prepared, so get them way before your wedding.

Make Choosing Your Bridesmaids A Piece Of Cake!

There  is a wise old saying, you can pick your friends,  however you can’t  pick your relatives. Well, you  should  choose your bridesmaids,  however you can’t keep  everybody happy. If you  are among those people who are  lucky  adequate to truly want to  consist of  everybody in your bridal  celebration that you are ” required” to  consist of,  a minimum of according to  everybody else, then  great for you! This  choice  must be very easy for you!

Traditionally, bridesmaids  include those closest people to you that are around the  exact same age and are female.  Many  typically this  consists of  siblings and best friends. And the  wedding event  celebration  should  vary in number from two to twelve or  even more individuals.

Let’s  return to that word,  commitment.  Exactly what would make you feel  bound to include  particular  individuals in your bridal  celebration? Well, for  beginners, some  individuals will outright ask or  anticipate that they’re going to be included! How about when your fiancé’s  friend’s wife responds to the news that the two of you are engaged with the comment: “Oh  wonderful! Now I get to be a bridesmaid!”.

Or how about when your mother  anticipates you to include her old  youth  close friend’s  child  just because you guys are around the  very same age? Or how about someone whose  wedding event you were in attendance as a bridesmaid,  however you’ve sort of lost touch over the years and  barely talk  any longer?

This is  most likely the  most difficult  aspect in your selection  procedure. For  the majority of brides-to-be, there’s going to be at least one  difficult call to make when it comes to casting the roles. You  should keep  everybody else happy and include  everybody you feel  anticipated to  consist of. Or you can  pick  just those you  really want to be part of your day.

When deciding  whether to  consist of the “obligatory”  person, ask yourself if having that  individual as a bridesmaid would  truly  influence your experience that negatively?  Possibly an  additional set of hands would help when it  pertains to  preparing.

If you said yes, I  truly  do not want that  individual to be part of the experience then  perhaps you should  think about graciously declining their offer or the  recommendation of the family member  pressing you. If you  do not like this person,  opportunities are your other friends or  member of the family you are  consisting of  will not like them either. After all, they’re going to be  trying out  outfits together,  purchasing things together, and planning your shower together. Do you  truly want to  destroy it for everyone else?

Maybe you  should kindly  discuss that you are flattered that they  have actually  provided to  participate in something so special to you and that you consider it an honor that they would consider  belonging to your  special day.  However that you have  currently  guaranteed these positions to girls you  matured with,  particular  relative, those who you’ve served for their weddings,  and so on. If you aren’t that close with them to begin with,  possibly they’ll  comprehend why you ‘d like this opportunity left to those who are the closest to you.

Are you  spending the  costs for all of the bridesmaids’  dress, or would you need your gals to be able to  offer their own funds for the experience? What about travel expenses? Who lives  far? How much planning do you  require assisted with? Do they have the time to  dedicate to your needs? Consider what is going to be part of the bridesmaid  function for your  certain  wedding event  and afterwards ask yourself if the individuals you’ve  picked can accept that  duty.

Be upfront with your ladies of  option  too. Let them know how much you ‘d love them to be part of your  essential day,  however that it’s not in your  budget plan to provide  all the expenses. Be clear with what  costs and time requirements are  required.

Bride and Bridesmaids bouquetsBe realistic with yourself too. If you’re  discovering that your choices in bridesmaids are backing out due to the  needs you’re  putting on them,  possibly you’re setting the standard  expensive.  Exactly what’s  more vital to you, having the most  fancy  wedding event, or having your nearest and dearest  on your side when you  state “I do”?

If you  can not say no to anyone, or are the most popular bride to ever walk down the aisle, are you able to organize such a  multitude of attendants? Is your husband-to-be able to come up with the same  variety of attendants for his side?

See to it to show your appreciation for all that they  have actually done with a bridesmaid  present.  Typically, a set of  fashion jewellery they can wear for the day is the most  usual.  Thankfully now days, anything from embroidered wraps, cosmetics, even flasks are popular!

The bottom line is that this is your day. While there’s probably not a  method to keep everyone happy, and you don’t  really want hard feelings on your most  big day, it’s still your  wedding event! Be  sincere with yourself and courteous to the feelings of others, and you’ll  understand you’ve done your  good.

The Language Of Flowers

Flowers are an important part of most weddings, they not only decorate the venue but they are carried by the bride and her bridesmaids and worn by the groom and his best man. Also, most of the guests will either wear of carry flowers of some sort so they do have great significance. Many brides would like to know the meaning or symbolism of particular flowers so that they offer a message to their betrothed. In days gone by there was very much a language attached to flowers and giving or receiving certain blooms would convey a message. This message could say anything and it was quite important to know what each flower meant so that the message could be understood. Being sent a particular flower could convey sorrow or joy. These days, we are not quite so familiar with this language of flowers but it is a fun thing to take a look at and can help a bride choose beautiful as well as suitable flowers for her wedding. Read on to find out more about this language.

For centuries, flowers, herbs and various plants have given much pleasure to people of all the nations, because their beauty has the unique ability to bring cheer when someone is ill or downhearted, their fragrances can be used to make lovely perfumes, delicate foliage can be used for certain medicines and foods, and pungent smells can bestir mood.

In fact, they have been so outstanding in this regard, that there is no wonder that mankind has attached significant meanings to them… actually going as far as to formulate a language all their own called “floriography.” This “language” was particularly utilized during the Victorian era; however, flowers well into past generations have had religious and symbolic meanings, and still do today.

For example, there were references given to flowers, herbs and plants in Biblical times, and during the Middle Ages, herbs were even believed by some to have magical powers. Therefore, they were given a place of honor in the royal floral gardens. The use of these floral “gardens” existed well into the Victorian era, and helped to create the elaborate list of meanings to describe these beloved flowers.

History relates that during the reign of Queen Victoria, in England, which lasted from 1837 to 1901, (known as the Victorian era) the language of flowers was as important to people as being “well dressed.” For example, the recognizable scent of a particular flower, plant or perhaps a scented handkerchief sent its own unique message.

Flowers adorned almost everything… hair, clothing, jewelry, gowns, men’s lapels, home décor and china, and stationery, to name a few. A young man could either please or displease a lady…by his gift of flowers. Flowers would convey messages of love or dislike depending upon which ones were given, their sizes how they were held, or also grouped together. They had a silent meaning of their very own, and could “say” what was not dared to be spoken. Even the manner in which flowers were sent had a special meaning. A flower Click here to read more

Further information

Plant symbolism

Symbolic flowers and meanings

Tips For Choosing Wedding Ceremony Music

It’s safe to say that from all the events for which you will certainly collect your loved ones to celebrate your marriage, the wedding itself will certainly be the most significant and, ideally, remarkable. In the western countries, music plays numerous crucial roles in the wedding, from offering flow and setting to highlighting the deeper psychological definition. Lots of previous brides and grooms remember the songs played at their wedding events for the rest of their lives, and they can experience again that charming day when hearing those songs once more.


Because music is so essential to your wedding ceremony, I always encourage employing several live, skilled, professional musicians to manage it. Qualified, well-researched artists will have the ability to customize the music in real time to fit exactly what is going on in your event, which will certainly assist one part flow effortlessly into the next. Also, you’ll find it genuinely loops all the visual and spoken aspects, from the flowers to the swears, with ageless format and class.

If you do not wish to pick individual tunes for your event, experienced wedding musicians will certainly be able to play appropriate tunes in the right places. But choosing your very own music can be more meaningful and satisfying. The first choice you must make that will guide you in your choices is whether you want your music to be standard and traditional or lesser-known but distinct. The expert wedding musicians you work with should have a supply of music from both classifications in their repertoire.


The purpose of the start music is to welcome guests as they are being seated prior to the event. It likewise must offer a bright yet modest ambience. The music will usually start around 15 minutes before the ceremony is due to begin. Because of this, it’s a good idea to provide the artist(s) an idea of the genre of music you really want and leave the specific song options as much as their discernment. Since the prelude sets the tone for the rest of the event, it’s a great idea to base your category choice on the type of music you will be using later in the event. Popular category options consist of Classical, Love Songs, Jazz, and Broadway, and these categories can be mixed together within the prelude to match your taste. Each of these categories has sub-categories however it’s safe to leave those selections up to the musicians unless you have strong feelings one way or another.


The wedding celebration’s processional marks the official start of the ceremony. It ought to have a slow however flowing feel, ushering the lovely bridesmaids and other members of the wedding social event down the aisle.


The bride-to-be’s processional can be an unbelievable minute, as unforgettable to everyone involved as the promises or other part of the event. You need to choose a really unique song right here. If you choose Classical music, the obvious standard option is Wagner’s Bridal Chorus (” Right here Comes the Bride”). However any Classic piece that strikes you as especially beautiful or significant can be made use of here. If you’re choosing jazz, pop, or Broadway, use a song with lovely music in addition to lyrics that are significant to you. Even if you don’t have a singer at your wedding, the lyrics to a pop music will certainly still play in everybody’s minds when they hear the melody.


The intermission can in fact be numerous various moments in the ceremony, my extremely loose meaning being any time there are no words being spoken for a minute or even more. These are minutes of peaceful reflection, and the music you pick needs to suit this.


newly-weds-xsNow is the time to celebrate! The official stuff is now done, husband and wife have been pronounced and the music should now be quite jolly. You can choose whatever music you like for this and it should suit your personalities.


The postlude sets a pleasant environment as visitors are leaving. It can last in between 10 and 30 minutes, so it’s best to treat the postlude like the prelude and merely provide the artists an concept of what you desire. Experienced wedding artists will certainly play postlude music that is improved but upbeat, adding the completing touch to your lovely ceremony.


The best starting point for particular event music ideas is the arsenal list on the internet site (or in paper type) of the artists you are employing. The songs provided there are typically ones that the artists are asked for to play regularly and that the artists know effectively. Talk with your musicians as far in advance of the ceremony as possible about your musical options. By doing this, if you have a special request that is not in the artists’ arsenal, they could have the ability to accommodate it.


Finally, enjoy with the process of choosing your music! You can make listening to possible event music a wonderful opportunity to decrease in the midst of your busy planning and review the love that you and your partner feel for each other. Music has the power to express this gorgeous sentiment to all your family and friends during your wedding, so benefit from it!

Choose The Right Lingerie For Your Wedding Day

There are a huge kind of bra and panty sets, corsets, infant doll and other bridal underwear to picked from, and even though it resembles a huge task for shopping for the ideal bridal lingerie, it can be enjoyable. Do not forget that you have the ability to perform it on the Internet in on line shops; Along with your money in mind, you will certainly be capable to discover something on line according to your style, size, and your taste in underwear.

Shopping for your bridal lingerie need to be pleasurable as well as you wish to look fine for your friend to be, under your wedding event gown, do not simply rush out and purchase to get it over with, take your time in discovering your underwear. Get the wedding event lingerie that you feel most pleased in and that fits you best by taking your time. without thinking of that night, you are going to be worn your lingerie all day, you are going to dance in it, flex over in it, keep this in mind when you buy your bridal lingerie.


Exactly what wedding event lingerie are you going to endure your unique wedding night? You have to perhaps exercise that, once you get your finished wedding event gown. Jump then to purchase your lingerie. The basic reason is that you can fit your bridal lingerie and your wedding event gown, you will now be able to see exactly what lingerie will certainly be the very best, you don’t wish to let all the wedding event visitors see exactly what is go for the spouse, on that specific night.


You can now quickly placed on your underwear and afterward fit your gown once again over it, this make it exceptional for considering the favourable or the negative points in the choosing of your class of bridal underwear. Unappealing hemlines and bra straps will not be on view for the total marriage celebration, you experience the relief now of understanding you made the perfectly choice in your bridal lingerie. Bear in mind that the best underwear can typically help you to shape some parts of your body shapes in the sense that is going to satisfy your demands.


While you head out looking for your wedding event underwear, you can begin browsing piece by piece, begin with the bra for instance. Your bra can hand adequate support to your wedding gown particularly if your gown has no support in the bodice, so you will need additional breast support. You will definitely need a bra of quality because it will certainly be the one product you will be wearing for the entire day up until late into the night maybe, and for that reason, it must be comfortable for you to wear.


Another bridal favourite is the bustier. They have been designed to enhance the cleavage and are strapless. It can be worn beneath the wedding gown to enhance the bride’s figure.


Beautiful necklineNumerous brides-to-be have used a corset. They come in a variety of guises and many lace up the back so you will need assistance to get into and out of one. Corsets will really enhance an hourglass figure. Some corsets have suspender clips on them so that stockings can be attached, if the bride prefers those to tights. Some wedding gowns have a corset bodice which eliminates the need for a bra or other top half lingerie.


Let your bridal night and your bridal lingerie be the beginning off your sexy mesh lingerie collection, it will keep the glow in your marriage likewise do not forget that there are sheer guys’ underwear readily available too! Your relationship will be interesting with all your different kinds of lingerie.


Make your special night incredibly remarkable by means of dressed in bridal underwear, and keep that flame burning high all through your marriage by means of collecting a number of hot mesh lingerie.


Most of all, you need to take pleasure in your shopping, feel comfortable in your bridal underwear and simply head out there and have the best day in your presence.

Why an Exclusive Wedding Venue Is Best

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. It is an incredibly special occasion which you will want to share with your friends, family and relations. One of the Brodsworth Hall driveway viewmost crucial aspects of the big day is your choice of venue. These days, exclusive wedding venues are all the rage, and for good reason.

When you hire an exclusive venue, not only will you have a beautiful place in which to celebrate your nuptials, but you will also be able to enjoy it without encountering any other guests or strangers who may be visiting. It will be your own private oasis, filled with only the people you have invited.

While this ensures your privacy and peace and quiet for the special occasion, it also means that the staff at the venue will be giving you their undivided attention. Whatever you need, and whatever hiccups may arise during the proceedings, you will have a dedicated team at your beck and call to help ensure your wedding goes without a hitch.
Another great advantage of hiring an exclusive wedding venue is that you can tailor the decor and activities to suit your specific needs without worrying about which other events may be coinciding with your big day. Some opulent properties may even offer helicopter transfers so you can arrive at your ceremony in luxury and style.

Last but not least, the hire of an exclusive venue means you can enjoy a taste of the high life with your loved ones and pretend, at least for a few hours or a day or two, that the venue is all yours. Your very own country manor or castle with a friendly, efficient staff at your call ? what could be better, or more glamorous?

Exclusive wedding venues are in increasing demand these days for all of the aforementioned reasons, and there are more and more companies offering properties, special packages and services to cater to this expanding market. Wherever you live in the United Kingdom, you are probably not far from a grand manor house, converted barn or even a castle where your wedding can be held in utter privacy.

Regal Setting

In Buckinghamshire, Hedsor House is an opulent private country house and exclusive wedding venue set in 100 acres of historic parkland. Formerly the Royal Residence of Augusta, Princess of Wales, this palatial home is highly popular with wedding parties as it lies in close proximity to London but seems a whole world away. Luxury, space, old-world grandeur ? these are the words which spring to mind when you describe Hedsor House. No wonder it has been voted the number one wedding venue in Buckinghamshire and one of the top 100 venues in all of the British Isles.

Hedsor House hosts both wedding ceremonies and wedding receptions. Brides will adore having the use of their very own Bridal Dressing Suite before descending the Grand Staircase to take part in the ceremony.
Civil ceremonies can be conducted in the house itself, or you can apply for permission to marry in the 12th-century St Nicholas’s Church, which is located just 300 metres from the hall.

When it comes to the reception, Hedsor House staff will work closely with you to ensure you have the celebration of your dreams, whether that means dancing in the central hall, enjoying a photo opportunity in the sunken garden or marvelling at a dramatic fireworks display in the grounds. Hedsor House staff also have instant access to a long list of suppliers and caterers, all of whom can be used for your big day. From Asian to Jewish cuisine, marquees to furniture and music to fairground equipment, you will find a supplier to meet your specific wedding needs.

Peak District Perfection

Another delightful historic wedding venue can be found in Derbyshire, in the picturesque Peak District. Hargate Hall caters for small to medium-sized wedding parties and gives you exclusive use of the main hall and grounds for your big day. This family-owned and run property provides tailor-made weddings rather than standard packages, so you will be able to have the wedding you have always dreamed of, down to specific details of decor and your favourite music.

The halls bespoke wedding planning service gives you access to a select group of local caterers and suppliers, and there is a range of facilities in the hall to ensure that during the ceremony all of your wedding party will be comfortable, including children and babies. Weddings are usually held here on the weekends but midweek wedding packages are also available. In terms of accommodation, the hall offers 12 apartments featuring a grand total of 22 bedrooms and 15 bathrooms. In total, 77 people can be comfortably accommodated.

Wonderful Weddings in Wales

Over in Wales, the beautiful Victorian home of Florin in New Quay is an ideal place to celebrate your wedding. This exclusive venue, which has been tastefully modernised and is nestled in five well-manicured acres near the beach, offers a unique setting in which to tie the knot. There are seven spacious bedrooms which can accommodate 14 people, as well as the romantic gardens (perfect for photo opportunities) and a spacious conservatory and dining room which can seat up to 50 people.

When it comes to food, you can opt for anything from a formal silver-service sit-down dinner to a relaxed meal of fish and chips in the gardens, and there are a number of local wine merchants who can help you select the right wines to go with your food. Florin also offers a bespoke reception service and there is ample parking for up to 30 cars. Florists and caterers are provided on request.

A Few Ideas To Help You Plan Your Wedding

Planning a wedding can feel like quite a daunting task however, if you are armed with good information, you do not need to get stressed or lose sleep over it. The best advice I can give you is to plan well ahead of your chosen date. Prepare a schedule so that you can arrange all your wedding preparations in a sensible order. Doing this also gives you a timeline to follow and you can tick each task off as it is completed. The first thing you should do is to choose a date for your wedding. If you can be a little flexible with this, all the better as this gives you more chance of booking your favourite venue on your date of choice.


Setting a sensible budget is something that you must do with your family/fiancé because it is very easy to let costs run away when you are planning your dream wedding. Weddings are very expensive and unless you have pots of money, there will be a limit as to how much you will be able to spend. Starting your married life with a large debt due to an expensive wedding, is perhaps not the best way to begin. Some of the biggest costs include: the reception, wedding attire, flowers, transport, photographer, videographer and of course, the honeymoon. There are ways of trimming the costs so that you can still have a fabulous wedding day and remain solvent.


Depending on the venue you wish to use, there will be a number of considerations and plans that you will need to go through. For instance, some venues offer an ‘all in one’ service, so that you can have your nuptials and reception in the same place. They will also arrange catering, decorations, music and accommodation. Other venues will offer some services and you will have to arrange the rest for yourself. This is not a problem providing you know well in advance so that you can make the necessary bookings in plenty of time. This is why making a list and a schedule can be so useful, it means that you are less likely to forget about something important.


Your wedding gown is one of the main features and is probably something you are very excited about. Choosing a bridal gown should be done with someWedding planone you trust and who will help you make the best choice. You should try to choose a gown that suits your body shape and makes you look and feel wonderful. Choose accessories carefully so that they match or compliment your dress. It is important to try everything on before the wedding so that you can see whether or not it works. If it does not, you have time choose something else. Go to your hairdresser with what you want to wear on your head so that he or she can style your hair to suit. It does not matter what you want to wear at your wedding, as long as you are happy with it.


As your wedding day approaches, you will feel anxious, this is natural and being able to focus on what needs to be done is very important. Be prepared to delegate tasks to other family members, you should not be left to arrange the whole wedding on your own. If you can, choose tasks that you know they will enjoy doing. For example, your dad might be knowledgeable about wines, so ask him to choose the wine for the reception. You might have a relative or future in-law who is good at handycrafts, perhaps they could make the wedding favours. Hopefully, your groom is organising the honeymoon!


These are just a few ideas to help you start planning your wedding day and I hope they have been helpful to you.